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About Nippon Paint's Asia Young Designer Award

The Asia Young Designer Award is Asia’s premier design award that aims to nurture young design talents across Asia by setting a platform for talents to share their design ideas with professional designers such as architects and interior designers. This platform also provides design students with industry knowledge, personalised coaching, mentoring, and skill-building through XChange workshops across 15 countries.

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AYDA is the perfect platform to think aloud about all the relevant and emerging aspects of design, with the opportunity to test our conceptual knowledge in a realistic manner among eminent designers in the field. Moreover, AYDA helped provide the confidence and resources required to put our designs out there so that it's noticed responded to, helping us serve the community we live in, with more sensitivity and awareness.

- Namrata Narendra

It was a great experience to be a part of AYDA by Nippon Paints, where I had an opportunity to showcase my design to the top architects around the world. This platform gave me a glimpse of the nascent ideas of budding architects from the country.

- Aishwarya Rajasekar

AYDA has been instrumental in encouraging architecture students to put forth thier research in design across global audiences. It has provided us with a platform for both sharing and learning design ideas that has benefitted us in a lot many ways. AYDA tests the ultimate potential of a student to deliver designs that can bring about a positive change in the community we dwell in. The designs presented here usually goes on to become a student's capstone project.


Asia young designers Award /AYDA, was an incredible opportunity for me, from showcasing my work or perspective towards Design with the masses to interacting with the experts of the industry it was all some unique learning and Apart from showing me a different perspective towards design, AYDA also made it possible for me to make a long-lasting bond with the fellow contender. Collectively it was an extremely inspiring and effective experience. And I would positively advise every young designer to experience it once.

- Ayush Gulati